Popular Detail Options

Complete Works 1

Complete Interior Super Clean, Leather Conditioning, Exterior Wax, Platinum
SUV $20 Surcharge

(1 hour)
$ 102.00

Complete Works 2

Complete Interior Super Clean, Carpet Shampoo, Seat Shampoo, Exterior Claybar, Exterior Wax, Platinum Wash
SUV $40 Surcharge

(2 hours)
$ 200.00

Super Clean the Interior of your Vehicle

Thorough Interior Vacuum
Glass Cleaned Inside/Out
Clean & Treat Dash, Doors, & Console with Cleaner & Vinyl Protectant
Interior Dusting with Compressed Air
Odor Eliminator Application
Powerwash Rubber Mats
Makes your interior look new again
SUV $10 Surcharge

(30 minutes)
$ 40.00

Seat Shampoo/Condition

Shampoo all seats with Cyclo 5 Scrubber (Soft attachment used for Leather), Leather Seats are then wiped dry and Leather Conditioner applied, Fabric Seats are Rinse/Extracted with an Extractor
SUV $10 Surcharge

(30 minutes)
$ 50.00

Carpet Shampoo & Extract

Shampoo all carpets and mats with Cyclo 5 Scrubber, then rinse/extract all dirt/cleaner with Carpet Extractor
SUV $10 Surcharge

(30 minutes)
$ 50.00

Exterior Hand Wax

Vehicle is waxed using our Rupes Long Throw 21mm Polisher and excess wax is wiped by hand to reveal a beautiful finish
SUV $10 Surcharge

(30 minutes)
$ 40.00

Ozone 1 Hour Treatment

Used to remove foul odors in your vehicle that just won’t go away even after carpet shampoo, seat shampoo, and interior super clean. We run a 1 hour Ozone Treatment in your vehicle to remove odors. Best to drop off vehicle for 1.5 hours.

(1 hour and 30 minutes)
$ 40.00

Exterior Platinum Wash

Exterior Platinum Wash with 5 day Clean Car Guarantee
Our Best Wash with Lava Bath, Lava Shine, Lava Seal, Hot Wax & Rain X

$ 12.00

Engine Bay Cleaning

High PH Soap applied under hood to loosen dirt/grime
Powerwashed under hood with prep gun
Wipe dry reachable areas under the hood
Blow out all reachable areas including all electrical connectors with compressed air

(1 hour)
$ 60.00